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Amber Kay Evans

About the Artist

Amber Kay Evans is an abstract artist based out of her in home studio right in The Heartland of America. Creating all original, one of a kind pieces of art work is her passion. She has sold and displayed art throughout the world and is eager to continue her journey with bringing people joy and peace through  her art work. 

Amber Evans began her artistic journey at a young age. Always exploring the depths of her talent, she has experimented with several mediums as her creativity blossomed. Amber has participated in a number of collaborative projects. She has exhibited and sold her artwork across the US as well as several other countries throughout the world. Amber believes taking risks as an artist is essential for continued growth and expansion of the mind and spirit. Knowing that inspiration can be found everywhere you look she maintains a clear mind to absorb inspiration and allow that to flow into all of her pieces. Pouring her emotions, energy, and creative nature into her paintings make for a more harmonious sense and feeling in her artwork. Painting, for Amber, is a way to express her feelings and emotions in a cathartic manner. A painting should evoke an emotion and bring positive energy where it is displayed. Each painting by Amber is imbedded with organic beauty, positive energy, and a sense of peacefulness.

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